Cosmosoft, developer, manufacturer and distributor of slimming equipment for 15 years, is at the service of professionals from the beauty and health industries.


BODYSCULPTOR is an equipment that offers a complete tightening of the silhouette. Ideal after the pregnancy period or for people looking for a global slimming care.

REDUSTIM is a medical equipment that allows mainly a treatment of the lap belt. Ideal for menopausal women, men with "love handles" or overweight patients.

MYOSCULPTOR is a slimming device to be used during a cardio physical activity (bike or elliptical trainer). Ideal for those willing to lose rapidly a pant size while benefiting from sport activity.


The inductive carpet LIPIDRAINOR is placed under the protections of your treatments tables. Particularly suited to reinforce the action of slimming, detox or relaxation treatments, LipiDrainor is a non-invasive device, harmless to the body and completely painless.

OSMOSCULPT is the first line of Spa Serum without preservatives that protects the skin health. Created around the principle of osmosis, the products OsmoSculpt doesn’t contain any preservative, any alcohol, any perfume or
coloring agent.


1st Center of the French brand, the COSMOSOFT SPA is the result of 15 years of scientific research in the slimming and fitness industries. Inaugurated in 2014, it welcomes professionals (training center and show-room) as well as the general public (BodySculptor, MyoSculptor and ReduStim cures).

1, rue Pierre Brossolette 92300 Levallois-Perret Tel: + info@cosmosoft.biz
Métro : Anatole France - ligne 3

83, rue Aristide Briand 92300 Levallois-Perret Tél : + lespa@cosmosoft.biz
Métro : Anatole France - ligne 3
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